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Game of Thrones Cast at London Film and Comic Con

Laura vs #owl

Laura vs #owl





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This is all I bought in London ;)

This is all I bought in London ;)

Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of…who do the things that no one can imagine. [x]




This man and his acting will be the death of me.

Doctor Who filming 30.06.2014

inthisbeautifulmoment asked:
❝ Eek! You're so lucky that you got to meet helen mccrory! How long did you have to wait for her to come out and meet you all? xxx ❞

Actually, I met her twice: the first one was last thursday, I was waiting her at the stage door, but after an hour she still didn’t came out; i started to think she was gone, but suddenly Billie Piper came out of the door so I took a chance for some pics and an autograph (for the second time btw, because I met her on wednesday as well). When i finished taking pics with billie I turned around and Helen was right behind me, then I just said to her: “oh, Helen, hi!”
She seemed so shy and almost panicked because I knew who she is! Then I told her that the play was very good, she thanked me and just went away a bit embarrassed…
But, I wasn’t totally satisfied so I came back on saturday, at about 10/11pm, can’t remember, luckily she was still at the theatre because someone ordered pizza for the cast! After waiting like 15 minutes she came out but this time I wasn’t the only fan waiting for her, so she stayed a bit with us; god, she was so embarrassed! She signed autographs for everyone and took some pics, and then someone asked for a selfie with her, she said litterally: “oh my god, I never did those things before, I don’t know what to do!”
Then after some time she said goodbye and left.
She’s a very nice and cute person, I love her so much

“Finally I can photobomb myself!” – Benedict Cumberbatch measures up for his wax figure!

Benedict’s figure will be ‘premiere ready’, showing the actor looking impeccably groomed in a stylish dark suit. His immaculate red carpet style will be paired with a warm and relaxed expression, and his famous tousled hairstyle. It will take up residence in October. (x)


*dr who theme*

Helen McCrory

Helen McCrory

mr pond